Voting informed just got a whole lot easier.

Branch is a free, nonpartisan website that walks you through your unique ballot. We make it easy to vote with confidence for every office, in every election.

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How it works

Branch makes it easy to quickly prepare for your next election

Step 1

Enter your address to look up what you’ll be voting for

Branch matches your address to your local districts to look up when your next election is and what will be on your ballot.

Step 2

Quickly learn about the candidates, what they believe, and why it matters

Branch summarizes who the candidates are, where they stand on key issues, and who is backing their campaign.

Step 3

Cast a vote you can be proud of, even for the small offices

Small elections are where big changes happen. Branch keeps track of your favorite candidates so you can vote with confidence.

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More than 10% of Atlanta voters used Branch in 2021

Branch walks you through your ballot, step-by-step, so you can vote with impact for the offices that many people overlook. It’s quick, nonpartisan, and completely free.