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Georgia State Representative, District 34

Your representative and state lawmaker in the Georgia House of Representatives

Full office description

  • Your state representative represents the interests of your local district in the Georgia State House of Representatives.
  • Your state representative can author, sponsor, and vote on bills that may become state laws. All bills dealing with the state budget originate in the Georgia House of Representatives.
  • The State House of Representatives, along with the State Senate, makes up our state lawmaking body: the Georgia General Assembly.
  • There are 180 members of the Georgia House of Representatives, each representing a single district.
  • State Representatives are elected to two-year terms. They are paid a yearly salary of $17,342. They only serve in the role part-time.

How this impacts you

  • Voting AccessState representatives can pass laws that affect early voting dates, absentee voting requirements, voter registration processes, and ballot drop box availability.

  • Healthcare CostsThe state legislature can implement programs and laws that affect the price of healthcare and health insurance.

Candidates (5)

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Chris Neill


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David Blinkhorn


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Devan Seabaugh


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Priscilla Smith


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Sam Hensley Jr


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