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Valdosta City Council Member

Passes laws and regulations for your city

Full office description

  • City council members work together with the rest of city council to set and implement city policy.
  • City council is tasked with ensuring the health, comfort, and safety of residents of the city
  • City council members work with the mayor to govern city departments, such as the police department, fire department, transportation department, and parks and recreation department.
  • City council members represent either the whole city or residents of a specific district.
  • Most city council members in Georgia are elected in odd years to four year terms. Elections are nonpartisan.

How this impacts you

  • PolicingCity council has final say over how many police officers the city hires, what equipment the police get and how they are trained.

  • Quality of roadsCity council has the power to improve roads and build new ones through specific projects.

  • Housing costsCity council can decide which housing developments to approve, require affordable housing and set property tax rates.

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Nick "Big Nick" Harden


2,377 votes


Bill Love


1,346 votes

Alvin Payton Jr.


989 votes

Edgar "Nicky" Tooley


296 votes

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