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Valdosta Mayor

The chief executive of the city.

Full office description

  • The mayor leads the executive branch of local government, presiding over city council meetings, making sure city departments run smoothly, and providing services to citizens.
  • The mayor runs the city day to day and prepares the budget each year, meaning that they propose how much funding goes to each city department, including the police department, city parks, transportation, and the fire department.
  • The mayor also hires the Police Chief, Fire Chief, and city department heads, such as City Planning, Parks & Recreation, and Transportation.
  • Most Georgia mayors are elected in odd years to four year terms. Elections are nonpartisan.

How this impacts you

  • Public safetyThe mayor can decide the number of police on city streets, how much residents are surveilled with cameras and scanners and if residents are arrested or given access to services.

  • COVID-19The mayor can put mask or quarantine orders in place and decides how millions of dollars worth of relief funding is spent.

  • Public transportationThe mayor is in charge of how much funding goes to public transportation and which projects are a priority for the city.

Election results


Scott James Matheson


2,648 votes

J.D. Rice Jr.


2,441 votes

Fallon Harris


124 votes

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