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Renton City Council Member

Passes laws and regulations for your city

Full office description

  • City council members work together with the rest of city council to set and implement city policy, including passing legislation about the police, fire department, parks, libraries, electricity, water, solid waste, and drainage utilities.
  • City council members work with the mayor to govern city departments, such as the police department, fire department, transportation department, and parks and recreation department.
  • City council members serve four year terms, and elections are nonpartisan. City council members are either elected to represent specific districts or are elected at-large, meaning that they represent the entire city.

How this impacts you

  • PolicingThe city council decides how many police are hired and posted on your city's streets, as well as how much they are paid and what equipment and training they receive.

  • HousingCity council members work together to set housing policy for the city, including how people are experiencing homelessness are treated and what services are provided to them.

Election results


Kim-Khanh Van


5,414 votes


Randy Corman


3,121 votes

Nancy Sivitilli


1,248 votes

Michael Westgaard


1,217 votes

Steven Vargas


969 votes

Camila Lagow


574 votes

Sean Atchison


164 votes

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