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King County Council Member, District 4

Passes laws and regulations for your county

Full office description

  • County council members work together to set and implement county policy.
  • County Council is tasked with approving the county budget, setting local tax rates, approving plans for land use in the county, and appointing county officials.
  • County council members work to improve the county’s education system, ensure safety, make environmental and business policy, and run the county transportation network.
  • There are nine county council members, who represent specific areas of the county.
  • County council members are elected to four-year terms, with even numbered and odd numbered districts being up for election on an alternating basis every two years. Elections are nonpartisan, but county council members often make their party affiliations a matter of public record.

How this impacts you

  • Small BusinessesCounty council members decide how easy it is to start and run a small business and if small businesses get funding or other support from the county.

Election results


Jorge L. Barón


29,324 votes


Sarah Reyneveld


16,606 votes

Becka Johnson Poppe


11,340 votes

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