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Washington School District Director, Seattle

Part of the board that governs your county's public school system

Full office description

  • The School Board of Directors runs the public school system. The School Board of Directors is entirely independent from the rest of the county government.
  • School District Directors work together to make school policy, set the budget, decide what is taught in schools, and appoint the superintendent to run the schools day to day.
  • School District Directors are elected to four-year terms in nonpartisan elections.

How this impacts you

  • TaxesThe school board is responsible for deciding how a large part of the county’s taxes are spent.

  • College & Career ReadinessSchool board members have the power to affect which advanced courses, resources and job training are available to students.

Election results


Liza Rankin


14,022 votes


Debbie Carlsen


5,103 votes

Michael Christophersen


2,783 votes

Blaine Parce


847 votes

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