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Arlington School Board Member

Governs the county's public school system

Full office description

  • The school board runs the public school system, and it is entirely independent from the rest of the county government.
  • School board members work together to make school policy, set the budget, and appoint the superintendent to run the schools day to day.
  • Some school board members are elected by the entire city, while others represent specific districts.
  • School board members are elected to four-year terms in nonpartisan elections.

How this impacts you

  • TaxesSchool board members are responsible for deciding how a large part of the county's taxes are spent.

  • College & Career ReadinessSchool board members have the power to affect which advanced courses, resources and job trainings are available to students.

  • School CurriculumSchool board members decide what is taught in school, including education on race and racism and sex and sexuality.

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Miranda H. Turner


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