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Chesterfield Soil and Water Conservation Director

Works to ensure the conservation of your county's natural resources

Full office description

  • The district board is in charge of conserving, improving, and protecting Virginia's natural resources, with a focus on soil and water. They make plans to conserve soil resources, control and prevent soil erosion, prevent floods, and conserve, develop, use and dispose of water.
  • Directors are responsible for providing local representation on conservation issues. Historically directors were agricultural landowners, but today they represent a variety of issues and perspectives.
  • A major responsibility of district boards is to control and prevent pollution of Virginia's waterways.
  • Each of the 47 districts is represented by a combination of appointed and elected directors, both of which are unpaid. Elected directors are elected in nonpartisan elections to four year terms.

How this impacts you

  • EnvironmentThe district board decides how your area responds and prepares for pollution in local rivers and streams.

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