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Photo of Bubba McDonald

Bubba McDonald


Bubba McDonald is running for Public Service Commission, District 4.


Continue Current Trends

  • #1 priority: Complete the nuclear development project in GA
  • Ensure Georgia has diverse power generation and clean energy
  • Author of solar legislation in 2013 in GA; GA is now ranked 5th in solar energy development in the nation
  • GA does not have sustainable winds, but our state can buy it cheaply from Oklahoma and New Mexico
  • Represents the voice of a conservative businessman on the commission

Utility Costs

  • Address rate issues with power companies
  • Identify strategies with power companies to lessen the burden of rates on consumers


  • The PSC has no authority over internet
  • Worked on a recent legislative bill to extend broadband in GA


  • Continue the nuclear development program
  • Make Georgia a reliable and competitive state in energy costs


  • Continue solar initiatives to complement the nuclear development program
  • GA is 5th in the nation in solar development
  • Continue to diversify energy sources

Background and Personal Motivation

  • Served 20 years in the State House; has served as Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and Industry Committee
  • Ran a successful hardware business
  • Consulted for Georgians for Better Transportation
  • Governor Zell asked him to fulfill a vacant seat on the PSC
  • Combines business experience with experience in state and local government
  • Conservative, commonsense perspective