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Photo of David Perdue

David Perdue


David Perdue is running for Georgia US Senator Runoff.


  • Supports lower taxes for Georgia families and small businesses


  • Supports protections for Americans with pre-exisiting conditions
  • Wants to ensure Georgians and Americans have access to affordable, high-quality care
  • Supported the CURES Act, streamlining regulations to get life-saving drugs to market faster and cheaper
  • Supports transparency in prescription drug pricing


  • Committed to unleashing America’s full energy potential
  • Supports the Plant Vogtle in Waynesboro, which will create the first new nuclear power units built in the U.S. in over 30 years
  • Wants Georgia to become a leader on 21st Century energy production and support our country’s long term energy independence


  • Has rolled back regulations and taken action to unleash our energy potential
  • Supports cutting taxes for Georgia families and small businesses
  • Supports the rollback of Dodd-Frank regulations
  • Supports relief for Georgia small businesses and workers through legislation like the Paycheck Protection Program


  • Number one focus is the safety and security of all Georgians during these challenging times
  • Supports GA's phased reopening of the economy to allow thousands of Georgians to safely return to work and support their families
  • Supports legislation like the SCHOOL Act to help students and teachers safely return to the classroom or learn virtually

Criminal Justice

  • Supports police officers and commits to providing them the resources they need to keep communities safe.
  • Opposes the movement to defund the police
  • Wants to ensure police are representative of the communities they serve, provide more de-escalation training to officers, equip more officers with body cams, and create a database for police misconduct offenses
  • Supports the First Step Act which removes mandatory minimums for first-time, nonviolent drug offenders