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Photo of Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff


Jon Ossoff is running for Georgia US Senator Runoff.


  • Supports offering all Americans a public health insurance option as an affordable alternative to private insurance
  • Supports strengthening the Affordable Care Act protections for pre-existing conditions
  • Opposes price gouging by drug companies and wants to make more generic medicine available
  • Will work to deliver federal funds to build more health clinics and hire more health care workers across Georgia, especially in rural and underserved communities


  • Re-enter the Paris Climate Accords
  • Reverse Trump administration's rollbacks of clean air, clean water, and fuel economy standards
  • Rapidly phased-in ban on single-use plastics and other sustainability efforts
  • Supports an infrastructure plan that includes massive investments in clean energy, energy efficiency, and environmental protections


  • Supports fast and generous direct emergency relief during economic crises
  • Supports debt-free public college and free vocational training
  • Will work to reduce our dependence on Chinese supply chains and strengthen domestic producers
  • Will vote to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act


  • Will work to make tax and regulatory compliance simpler and more efficient for our businesses
  • Supports lower taxes for all but the wealthiest Americans


  • Fix key immediate vulnerabilities like inadequate ICU capacity, insufficient testing capacity, a shortage of medical equipment for respiratory critical care, and lack of protective gear for doctors and nurses
  • Send emergency cash to tide over people and businesses
  • Increase widespread testing and free COVID-19 treatment

Criminal Justice

  • Ban private prisons, end cash bail, and raise the conditions of incarceration to humane standards
  • Abolish the death penalty, legalize cannabis, and end incarceration for nonviolent drug offenses
  • Successful re-entry to society after incarceration is crucial for both the convicted and the public